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All Vendors are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products on Vendor offenses and prohibited content are violations of our Business Solutions Agreement, of which these Selling Policies are a part, and such offences and prohibited content can result in suspension of your account.

For more information, see Restricted Products.

Community Rules

Like any community, Souqmazoon Marketplace has rules to help ensure a safe and enjoyable buying and selling experience.

  • • Honor your commitment to buy or sell.
  • • Maintain current account information.
  • • If we have removed your selling privileges, you may not open a new selling account in your name or in any other name.
  • • Do not misrepresent yourself.

Prohibited Vendor activities and actions

These Prohibited Vendor Activities and Actions are established to maintain a selling program that is safe for buyers and fair for Vendors of both products and services. Failure to comply with the terms of this policy can result in cancellation of listings, suspension from use of Souqmazoon tools and reports, and/or the removal of selling privileges. In addition, we do not pay Vendors until we are confident our customers have received the products they ordered, and if we determine that a Vendor account has been used to engage in fraud or other illegal activity, remittances and payments may be withheld or forfeited.

General Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to both Vendors of products and services. For guidelines specific to products or services, see the information following this section

Attempts to divert transactions or buyers:

Any attempt to circumvent the established Souqmazoon sales process or to divert Souqmazoon users to another website or sales process is prohibited. Specifically, any advertisements, marketing messages (special offers) or "calls to action" that lead, prompt, or encourage Souqmazoon users to leave the Souqmazoon website are prohibited. This may include the use of email or the inclusion of hyperlinks, URLs or web addresses within any Vendor-generated confirmation email messages or any product/listing description fields.

Unauthorized and improper business names:

The Business Name (identifying a Vendor’s business entity on Souqmazoon) must be a name that: accurately identifies the Vendor; is not misleading; and the Vendor has the right to use (that is, the name cannot include the trademark of, or otherwise infringe on, any trademark or other intellectual property right of any person). Furthermore, a Vendor cannot use a business name that contains an email suffix such as .com, .net, .biz, and so on.

Inappropriate email and phone communications:

Unsolicited email and phone communications with Souqmazoon users, email and phone communications other than as necessary for order fulfillment and related customer service, and emails and phone calls related to marketing communications of any kind (including within otherwise permitted communications) are prohibited.

Multiple Vendor accounts:

Operating and maintaining multiple Vendor Central accounts is prohibited. If you have a legitimate business need for a second account, you can apply for an exception to this policy by following adopting these steps:

  • 1. Go to Contact us.
  • 2. Click Selling on Souqmazoon, then select your account, then select other account issues.

In your request, please provide an explanation of the legitimate business need for a second account. To be considered for approval:

  • 1. You must have a separate bank account for each Vendor Central account. We will not approve multiple Vendor Central accounts that use the same bank account within the same region. Each account must have a separate email address.
  • 2. The products and services sold in each account must be different.
  • 3. Your Performance Metrics must be in good standing.

We will respond to your request within 2 to 3 business days. Failure to comply with these requirements may result in account termination.

Misuse of the Souqmazoon selling service:

If you upload excessive amounts of data repeatedly, or otherwise use the service in an excessive or unreasonable way, Souqmazoon may in its sole discretion restrict or block your access to product feeds or any other functions that are being misused until you stop its misuse.

Misuse of ratings, feedback, or reviews:

  • Ratings and feedback: The rating and feedback features allow buyers to evaluate the overall performance of a Vendor, helping Vendors to develop a reputation within the Souqmazoon Marketplace. You may not post abusive or inappropriate feedback or include personal information about a transaction partner. This also includes posting ratings or feedback to your own account. You may request feedback from a buyer, however you may not pay or offer any incentive to a buyer for either providing or removing feedback.
  • Reviews: Independent reviews are important to the Souqmazoon Marketplace, providing a forum for feedback about product and service details and reviewers' experiences with products and services—positive or negative. You may not write reviews for products or services in which you have a direct or indirect financial interest, including reviews for products or services that you or your competitors sell. Additionally, you may not provide compensation or inducement (including free or discounted products) for a review. Review solicitations that ask for only positive reviews or that offer compensation are prohibited. You may not ask buyers to modify or remove reviews.

Misuse of sales rank:

The best Vendor rank feature allows buyers to evaluate the popularity of a product. Any attempt to manipulate sales rank is prohibited. You may not solicit or knowingly accept fake or fraudulent orders, including placing orders for your own products. You may not provide compensation to buyers for purchasing your products or provide claim codes to buyers for the purpose of inflating sales rank. In addition, you may not make claims regarding a product's best Vendor rank in the product detail page information, including the title and description.

Misuse of Search and Browse:

When customers use Souqmazoon search engine and browse structure, they expect to find relevant and accurate results. To protect the customer experience, all product-related information, including keywords and search terms, must comply with the guidelines provided under Optimize Listings for Search and Browse. Any attempt to manipulate or game the search and browse experience is prohibited.

Additional guidelines for Vendors

Post-transaction price manipulation and excessive shipping fees:

Any attempt to increase the sale price of an item after a transaction has been completed is prohibited. Additionally, Vendors cannot set excessive order fulfillment and shipping costs.

Matching product offerings inaccurately:

When listing items for sale using an existing product detail page, the product being offered must be listed on a product detail page that accurately describes the product in all respects.

Duplicate product detail pages:

Creating a product detail page for a product already in the Souqmazoon catalog is prohibited.

Separate listings:

Vendors may not create separate listings for identical copies of the same item. Individually listing the same item several times is confusing for buyers and frustrating for other Vendors. Vendors must use the quantity field to offer multiple copies of the same item, and only list separately if offering the same item in different conditions.

Product Detail Page Rules

Customers first learn about your offers on a product detail page. The following policies have been established to ensure that each product detail page represents a unique item in order to deliver a single page per product and optimize the buying experience.

When you create a product detail page, you agree to the following rules and restrictions:

  • • Using the Add a Product or bulk upload tools for any purpose other than listing products on Souqmazoon is prohibited.
  • • The use of false product identification information, including UPC codes, in product detail pages is prohibited.
  • • The creation of product detail pages is limited to products that do not already exist within Souqmazoon's catalog. Creating a product detail page for a product already in the Souqmazoon catalog is prohibited. Using product detail pages to cross-merchandise or cross-promote a product is prohibited.
  • • Detail pages may not feature or contain Restricted Products.
  • • The inclusion of any of the following information in detail page titles, descriptions, bullet points, or images is prohibited:
    • o Pornographic, obscene, or offensive content.
    • o Phone numbers, physical mail addresses, email addresses, or website URLs.
    • o Availability, price, condition, alternative ordering information (such as links to other websites for placing orders), or alternative shipping offers (such as free shipping).
    • o Reviews, quotes, or testimonials.
    • o Solicitations for positive customer reviews.
    • o Advertisements, promotional material, or watermarks on images, photos, or videos.
    • o Time-sensitive information (i.e., dates of promotional tours, seminars, lectures, etc.).
  • • If the category you are listing in gives you the option of supplying a List Price (or MSRP), you must represent the price at which substantial sales of the product in question are made by retailers, and you are responsible for ensuring that the List Prices you provide to us remain current. If you don't have a List Price that meets these criteria, please leave the field blank.
  • • When creating a listing or when matching a listing to an existing listing, Vendors must follow Souqmazoon listing standards for any product sold on
    • o All products should be appropriately and accurately categorized
    • o Product titles, product descriptions, and bullets must be clearly written and should assist the customer in understanding the product.
    • o Comply with the style guide that applies to the product you're listing. The general styles that apply to all categories can be found at Souqmazoon Services Quick Start Style Guide. Some categories have additional guidelines; the full set of category-specific style guidelines can be found at Inventory File Templates.
    • o Product title length must not exceed a maximum of 250 characters (including spaces) in all categories. Some of the categories may have a different maximum title length than 250 characters.
    • o All product images must meet Souqmazoon image standards as well as any applicable category-specific image guidelines.
    • o When creating a product detail page, provide only information that pertains to the features of the product in general, not the condition of your particular item. Product detail pages may be used by any other Vendor to list the same product. When listing an item for sale, Vendors must use the offer listing pipeline. Within the offer listing pipeline, Vendors are provided an opportunity to note their item's condition, quantity, price, and other Vendor-specific details that are relevant to a specific listing.
    • o Do not include HTML, DHTML, Java, scripts, or other types of executables in your detail pages.

Product Bundling Policy

Vendors can create bundles composed of different products to create a new bundled product. Well-designed product bundles provide convenience and value to buyers. Adhering to the policies on this page will help Souqmazoon customers locate product bundles more easily and prevent duplicate or near-duplicate listings.

General Bundle Policy

  • • The referral fee for the primary product's category (the same category used to list the product) applies to the entire bundle.
  • • All products in bundles must comply with Souqmazoon product listing policies.
  • • Bundle images, features, and descriptions must also adhere to Souqmazoon listing policies.
  • • Failure to adhere to the Bundle Policy, including the following Detailed Bundle Guidelines, may result in the removal without notice of any bundled product listing, account suspension, or both. Souqmazoon reserves the right to modify or revoke this policy at any time.

Detailed Bundle Guidelines

  • • Bundles must consist of items that are highly complementary (this means items in the bundle enable or enhance the use of other items in the bundle or provide convenience to the buyer by purchasing them together).
  • • Bundles consist of multiple single items that can each be identified by a unique SKU Code and are sold together as a single offering. A pre-packaged kit or pack with multiple items that is identified by a single SKU Code is not considered a bundle.
  • • A bundle may be listed in a single category only, even if the products comprising the bundle are from multiple categories. If a bundle includes products from multiple categories, it may be listed only in the category of the highest priced item in the bundle.
  • • The bundle must have its own standard product identifier or manufacturer part number. The identifier of any individual product in the bundle may not serve as the identifier for the bundle. Using a SKU Code from any single product in the bundle to identify the entire bundle may lead to immediate removal of the listing. You are responsible for obtaining a SKU Code by listing the each bundle you create.
  • • Do not include generic products in a bundle, as it may mislead customers into thinking the generic product belongs to the same brand as one of the branded products in the bundle. Generic products are identified as items with no brand whatsoever on the product or packaging (not just widely unrecognized brands).
  • • If an item is a multi-pack, such as six pairs of socks, list it as a single product and not as a bundle. See SKU Code and Item Package Quantity for Multi-Packs.
  • • If an item is a variation of a parent product, list it as a variation within the parent product’s family and not as a bundle. See Creating Parent/Child Variation Relationships.
  • • If you match your bundle to an existing bundle listing, the products in your bundle must be exactly the same as the products in the existing bundle in every respect. If your bundle is different in any way, you must create a new bundle listing. You may not change the existing listing to align to the specifications of your new bundle.
  • • Once you create a bundle, you may not modify the components of that bundle. If you want to add or remove products from the bundle, you must create a new bundle listing with a unique SKU Code or match it to an existing bundle listing that is identical to your revised bundle.

Bundle Warranties and Returns:

  • • If you list a product bundle, you must accept the entire bundle as a return and refund it as a single unit.
  • • A bundle cannot contain any separate warranty products or extended service plans.

Bundle Titles:

  • • Bundle title length should align to title length rules in Souqmazoon listing policy. This policy allows listings with a title length of maximum 250 characters (including spaces) in all categories.
  • • A bundle cannot contain any separate warranty products or extended service plans.• Include the word "Bundle" and the number of items in the bundle in the product title. For example: Bundle – 3 items: Tote Bag, Knit Scarf and Gloves – Blue.
  • • If the bundle includes only a few items, list them in the title. For example:


[Main Product title] + “Bundle with” + [Bundle Component Product title(s)]

Bundle Product Details and Images:

  • • Feature Bullet 1 in the detail page for your bundle must state that the product is a bundle of "X" number of items and must identify the products in the bundle
  • • The description in the detail page for your bundle must state that the product is a bundle and must also identify the products in the bundle (with appropriate designators, such as model number, color, and size).
  • • The main image for the bundle must include the specific products in the bundle (and must not include any items that are excluded from the bundle). Images of representative or similar products are not permitted.