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We have the best and trendy makeup kits and cosmetic products so that you can look unique and make a big impression. We have all your favorite brands at our online store.

Care products, balms, creams, face primers, foundations and more

We have makeup essentials for your face, eyes, and lips. We have a wide assortment of skin care products, balms, creams, face primers, foundations, concealers, blush, highlighters, lipsticks, eyeshadows, mascaras, etc. Our extraordinary range of products provide amazing supple look and feel.

Whether you want to brighter up your tired eyes or show your style, you can always use our makeup products that are distinctive and authentic. You can always count on our products to get an over-the-top look.

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  • Our online store is safe, fast and effective.
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  • Our products can accentuate your style and personality.

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Luban Lip Balm

4.000 OMR 4.000 OMR

Blusher Fluid

2.000 OMR 2.000 OMR

Flavor and color of the lips

2.000 OMR 2.000 OMR